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Road Wheel Aerodynamics

“What’s next?” is a question we ask ourselves every day. Building on our experience as a pioneer in carbon fiber wheel design and development, we look to the future with the goals of making the best, lightest, strongest, and fastest wheels available. Our superior engineering and commitment to quality sets us apart in this endeavor.

We explore technology, techniques, materials, and processes to transform the cycling experience for riders at every level. By challenging conventional thinking in aerodynamics, we have developed two approaches to wheel design, DET (Dispersive Effect Termination) and SLG (Swirl Lip Generator®):


DET(Dispersive Effect Termination)

DET is an airfoil rim design that smoothes turbulent, energized airflow and re-­attaches it to the aerodynamic surface, effectively reducing aerodynamic drag.This new shape also provides significant improvement in handling.

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Enhanced SLG (Swirl Lip Generator®)

Swirl Lip Generator® is 0.9mm “lip” placed on the sidewall of the rim near the spoke face to minimize pressure drag.

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