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Composite Studio

Here at Reynolds Cycling, the hard work happens in the Reynolds Composite Studio, where our team of talented and dedicated engineers collaborates on the innovative and state of the art designs used in our premium carbon wheels.

At the helm is Todd Tanner, the Director of Product Development and former UCI World Cup mountain bike racer. His history as a professional athlete and product tester uniquely qualifies him in the race toward product innovation and validation. Alongside Tanner is a group of creative and brilliant engineers who pour their technical knowledge and passion for riding into every aspect of wheel design and testing.

Road/Tri Technology

Our team of experienced, visionary engineers is committed to creating the ultimate in wheel performance and safety. Innovation is a mandate at the Reynolds Composite Studio, where we pioneered the development of carbon wheel technology and started an industry. Read about our innovations and approaches here:

Braking Carbon

Mountain Technology


Reynolds has been at the forefront of carbon fiber mountain wheel design since it released a 26” topo clincher in the early 2000s. We were the first company to introduce a 29” carbon wheelset, as well. From our world headquarters in Utah’s famed Wasatch Mountains, we take the same scientific and exacting approach toward designing mountain bike wheels as we do to road. Learn more here: 

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