Road/Triathlon Wheels


Reynolds is proud to offer RZR®, our Premium, all-carbon fiber wheels hand-built at our headquarters in Sandy, Utah. By incorporating only the highest-grade materials with our own proprietary molding process, we are confident that RZR® wheels deliver a uniquely effortless riding experience that will forever change your view of cycling.


The true airfoil shapes of the AERO collection are the key to producing low drag-low lift wheels that outperform their competitors in the broadest range of real world conditions. Born from the same DET™ technology first introduced on the RZR® 92, the AERO wheels offer supreme stability in crosswinds as they slice through the air and offer you a true AERO advantage.


The Reynolds Allroads series delivers an unmatched selection of carbon fiber wheels to offer you the perfect product capable of tackling the types of terrain and roads you ride. Whether you’re looking to lighten the load in search of your next KOM, seeking speed through aerodynamic advantage, or wanting a wheel that can confidently carry you anywhere in search of adventure, Reynolds Allroads offers you the widest assortment of quality carbon wheels to complete your quest for the ultimate ride.

Road Disc Brake

The road disc brake revolution is here and Reynolds offers a number of distinct wheel sets to give you choices when looking for your ideal new disc wheel. Drawing from the AERO, Performance and Stratus families, the Reynolds Road Disc collection delivers all the best of aerodynamics, light weight and durability to match your riding style.

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